Of Stars and Clay (Releases 2017)

Earth Sentinels II cover

The Earth Sentinels are drawn into a sinister plot, which begins with strange plane trails that precede the cataclysmic viral outbreak that kills the majority of mankind.

While the world waits for the United Nations to restore order, the Earth Sentinels unexpectedly undergo DNA mutations that hold the key to the ultimate superpowers. Those impacted are Zachary, a young man who is struggling to adapt to the Amazon Jungle while living with his indigenous wife and family; Haruto, a healer in Japan, who is building a life with her lover, Billy White Smoke; and Tom and Cecile, rebellious Native Americans who reside on a reservation in Canada. While their transformative changes unfold, Bechard the fallen angel tries to regroup them so they can free the human race from its unseen shackles, but a secretive force will do anything to stop them.

Once the Earth Sentinels’ powers have unleashed, their first desire is to save their loved ones from the clutches of the secretive force that threatens them. But benevolent aliens see the bigger picture and enlist the mutants to replace the ancient crystals and stones that will raise the earth’s vibration, and hopefully destroy the matrix that imprisons humanity’s consciousness within its energetic grasp.

During their perilous mission, the Earth Sentinels uncover shocking discoveries about mankind’s origins, religion, and the lies woven throughout all of society.


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