Where have the real hippies gone?


Peace, love, march against the “Man”,
now high-paying jobs and security.
Soul dust lines the ashtray.
Manicured fingers, hungry hearts,
Longing for more,
Afraid of more.
Youth stares at you,
despising the complacency,
of vanquished heroes,
Plastic crowns and hazy skies.
The war rages on,
Multiplied ten times over.
An old song plays,
You remember the days when,
your heart wantonly ran your life,
an oasis in the midst of crazy,
its persistent demands held at bay,
before you yielded.



The Red Road Calls

red road

Unfounded faith,
Lost along the way,
Too many rules,
Too much hate.

My ancestors call to me,
‘Walk the red road,
Past wounded knee,
Come home, come home.’

Loved my path,
But the world had different plans,
And I got lost,
In credit cards and traffic jams.

The red road calls me at night,
Saying ‘Head toward the light,’
The one hidden,
Deep, deep inside.

Listless Days

drowing girl

Mired in stagnant air,

no direction, no cares,

listless leaves,

aimless birds,

no one sings,

clouds mill.

Another day like all the others,

fruitless, pointless.

Lost time,

discarded carelessly.

Seized by the moment,

intensity wells,

an acidic spring filling the room.

I can’t breath.

Slowly sinking,

Bubbles rising,

chasing the light.

11 Streaks of Blood — A Tribute

11 Streaks of Blood — A Tribute

A door bursts open,

newspapers scatter,

eleven streaks of blood,

flow across the floor.

Dark mists rise,

then divide,

walking unseen,

past the chosen ones,

sleeping in faux-down beds,

secured by velvet ropes.

The slumberers stir,


But coaxed and soothed,

they doze once more,

unaware of the phantom wind,

outside the mirrored door.

The Ivory Tower Syndrome

The Ivory Tower Syndrome

Lounging aloft an ivory tower,

mocking peasants in its shadow.

To those who have much, more is given,

subsidies, kickbacks and unjust laws rewritten.

A world cut into squares.

Reserving paradise,

far from landfills,

nuclear plants,

and oil spills.

Choking on an endless thirst.

salivating over engraved currency,

Never enough!

More, more, more!

But empty souls are never quenched.

The Barn — Poem


The barn is quiet.

Amber rays filled with dust,

dancing near a window pane.

A pig grunts.

Chickens strut closer,

hoping for grain.

Corn is scattered in the hay.

The pig looks up,

distrusting, yet curious.

I stay away,

from the untamed swine.

I walk to the field,

watching cows graze in the lush grass.

Black bodies amble in unison,

toward the fence.

Wet noses greet me, tails swish.

Scratching their heads.

I wince at their misguided trust,

yet admire them for it.

To me, they are friends,

to others, they are meat.

My grandfather scolds me,

for being too attached.

I know the outcome.

The eventual heartbreak.

And each visit, I count them,

fearing there will be one less.

Cozy Days of Summer

ice cream photo

Ice cream sold by a street vendor,

Giggling with friends,

licking the frozen milk,

while the golden sun touches our cheeks.

Together we are invincible,

running, biking, laughing until dusk,

when the streetlights flicker on,

then we rush home,

to baths and bedtime stories.

Alone with family,

safe under the covers,

my mother tucks me in,

turns off the light.

With naive eyes,

I stare through window,

at the infinite night,

filled with twinkling stars,

that grant secret wishes,

blessing an imagined future life.

Sleep beckons,

but I resist,

fearing I might not return,

to this childhood dream

of love and bliss.