Cozy Days of Summer

ice cream photo

Ice cream sold by a street vendor,

Giggling with friends,

licking the frozen milk,

while the golden sun touches our cheeks.

Together we are invincible,

running, biking, laughing until dusk,

when the streetlights flicker on,

then we rush home,

to baths and bedtime stories.

Alone with family,

safe under the covers,

my mother tucks me in,

turns off the light.

With naive eyes,

I stare through window,

at the infinite night,

filled with twinkling stars,

that grant secret wishes,

blessing an imagined future life.

Sleep beckons,

but I resist,

fearing I might not return,

to this childhood dream

of love and bliss.


The Frozen Men — Poem

snow falling


Falling gracefully,

Pure and white,

Fluttering, swirling,

In the night.


The approaching storm,

Foreshadowed by winds,

Brings a flurry,

Of frozen men.


Landing cold and naked,

On a crystal blanket,

A magical union,

Between earth and heaven.


Breaking Free



Swollen and bruised,

They cower in anguish,


Afraid to look conspicuous,

Wrong height, wrong color,

Hesitate to comply.

Brute force silences,

Those who dare ask why.


Pushed to the pavement,

Held against cars,

Praying to live,

Beaten, intimidated,

Arrested and killed.


Practicing mass control,

They target citizens,

One by one,

Building confidence,

Where there should be none.


The curtain is pulled back.

The tipping point is reached.

One by one, they become many,

Standing as a pack,

Taking back the power,

toppling the ivory tower,

Cruel field masters impeached.


Awareness is key,

for prisoners must see the cage,

in order to break free.


Judgment Day



Thunder rumbles,

Lightning strikes,

Savage winds rip the skies.

Thou trembles in fear,

Falls to the ground,

Eyes mired in mud.

The storm rolls by.

Silence ensues.

Lift thy face,

Rise to thy feet,

A judge waits for thee,

The gavel pounds,

The verdict announced,

Words resonate,

Quite unexpected,

Courtroom unrest as,

Perfection is declared,

All crimes lost in thin air.

The Shattering of God

big bang

God sat on his throne,
His thoughts spanning the infinite.
Bored, he wondered how it would feel,
to not be God.

He stepped down,
looked outside of heaven,
and in an instant,
a blink of an eye,
heaven exploded.
Shattering with a force unknown.

Planets burst forth,
and angels became stars.
What was spiritual, became physical,
every particle a piece of God’s cloth.