12 STRANDS by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

12 STRANDS — Resident aliens spread a virus to devastate mankind’s population and takeover the world, but the virus unexpectedly activates the junk DNA of select women who develop supernatural powers, becoming earth’s last chance.

Feisty, young Eve wakes up to a world devastated by a killer virus spread by cunning aliens who have been living underground for millenniums, manipulating the governments and elite from behind the scenes, waiting for the right time to strike and seize control of earth. Eve and her handsome neighbor struggle to survive without electricity, water or communication until U.S. soldiers detect her deviant DNA and hand her over to hybrid soldiers, who deliver her to the aliens. In the midst of a horrific experiment, Eve unexpectedly disappears and reappears back home — her first real clue that the virus is causing her body to mutate. Meanwhile, the human survivors are pawns in a ruthless plot to enslave them, perpetuated by subliminal thought control. Forced to hide, Eve and other DNA-activated women reside deep in the beautiful Amazon Rainforest where they hone their benevolent, death-defying powers, rescue their loved ones and spy on the aliens. The women soon realize they are the only thing standing between the end of humanity and reclamation of earth.

Set in present day, this thought-provoking story is a mix between The Invasion (Kidman) and The Matrix with the tone of Independence Day.

Included in the Naperville Independent Film Festival, sponsored by Mike Bussan, producer


PARTY ON STONEMILL ROAD by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

PARTY ON STONEMILL ROAD — An 80s coming-of-age comedy about a repentant stoner girl trying to make it to a party to rekindle a friendship, but weird mishaps delay the journey.

In this coming-of-age escapade, stoner Beth and cheerleader Angie struggle to make it to the biggest party of the year, but weird mishaps and strange characters turn the road into an obstacle course. Hilarious and heartfelt, Beth reminisces about her former best friend, who will be at the party, mourning the loss of their wild freedom, virginity and friendship. After being grounded all summer, Beth hopes to rekindle the relationship, if she can make it there on time.

Inspired by a true story. The names and places have been changed to protect the guilty.

The story is a strange mix between Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Big Lebowski and Thelma and Louise.

Accepted in the StoryPros Awards Screenplay festival.


Earth-Sentinels-Cover-ebookEARTH SENTINELS: THE STORM CREATORS — A fallen angel beckons people from around the globe affected by environmental disasters to join his quest to save the planet from mankind’s greed and corruption, demanding that the world’s leaders implement their changes before it’s too late.

Adapted from the novel, EARTH SENTINELS, this screenplay begins with a fallen angel searching for disgruntled people to join his quest to save the planet. He finds a teenager whose family’s organic farm in Pennsylvania is being ruined by fracking; an Amazonian shaman and his beautiful daughter who need help fighting against the intruders illegally tearing down their rainforest; and a Canadian Indian tribe that wants to stop an unstoppable oil spill ruining their traditional hunting grounds.

The main characters are beckoned to the spirit realm where they meet the enigmatic fallen angel, who asks them, “If you could solve your problems with no limitations of time, money or physics…how would you do it?” With the option of using the fallen angel’s power, the group forms an alliance, and begins creating supernatural storms to grab the world’s attention, demanding that the world’s leaders implement their changes…or else. But as the events unfold and governments retaliate, the characters are forced to question their motives, fight for their lives and listen to their hearts.

Shaman Elizabeth Herrera is represented by:

Renee Shaw, Manager
Renegade Productions


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