“Dreams of Heaven” receives Readers’ Favorite Award

Dreams of Heaven Cover-ebookReviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Dreams of Heaven by Elizabeth M. Herrera is an inspirational book that tells a brilliant and heartwarming story, while reflecting on the mysteries of life, love, faith, death, and eternity. Meet Savannah Watkins, a woman just like any other, except that she has very unusual dreams. The recurrent dreams are about the loss of her family in a car accident, so she is caught between the reality of her waking and the trauma of her sleep. As she struggles for answers, Jesus appears and offers to guide her, spending long moments with her along the beach and at the grocer’s. In this sudden yet enlivening contact with the Divine, Watkins discovers the depths of Jesus’ teachings and the answers to the pain of loss that most of us experience at some time in our life.

Reader's-Favorite-5star-Review-logo-200This is an exciting book, filled with wisdom and insight, a story that is both entertaining and inspiring. It starts in the middle of action and the pace picks up from there. It is fast and gripping and I enjoyed how the author managed to keep readers’ curiosity awake and strong through each page of the narrative. Readers will identify with Watkins, a character who is symbolic in that she represents the fears and uncertainties of most readers, living through the desert of faith until the encounter with Jesus. Elizabeth Herrera is a good writer and she has the gift of getting her message across through her storytelling craft. Dreams of Heaven will awaken a new sense of reality in the hearts of readers and the dream of what makes life worth living.


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Review for New Release “Dreams of Heaven” by Elizabeth M. Herrera

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Simply Beautiful

DOH-9780990349235-Perfect.inddDreams Of Heaven by Elizabeth Herrera is an absolutely beautiful Christian fantasy novel, that really ‘spoke’ to my heart.

The novel has Jesus at the centre. He is always with us. There is nothing in this life (or death) that we ever have to face without Him. He will always support us, carry us and love us. He is the embodiment of love.

The love just radiates from the story. The love of a mother for her family and her love for Jesus. This love extends to the reader. I felt myself awash with love and with peace.

Dreams Of Heaven is simply beautiful. It will soothe your soul. It will speak to your heart. It will fill you with hope. In its simplicity, Dreams Of Heaven penetrates your very being. I loved it.

Refresh your life and read Dreams Of Heaven today.

JULIA WILSON, Christian Bookaholic


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Book Reviewer, Merril Anil, Gives Novel “Earth Sentinels” Five Stars!

Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators

Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators

Rating: 5/5


Earth Sentinels definitely stands out for the plot. The plot is fantastic and the way it has been treated makes for an interesting read. What I like about the treatment is the fact that the author has chopped the story into small blocks, so you are not caught up in too many intricacies and webs of the plot. You are able to move into the story gradually and fully involved, which I thought was a really clever narration. Had it not been for this level of narration, the reader would have gotten lost because there are so many characters and individual stories. It would have been difficult to catch up with each character.

The story moves at a great speed and the language is beautiful as well. While the first half introduces the entire characters, the second half is where the actual story comes into full bloom and does so pretty interestingly. In spite of telling a complex story, involving a lot of characters, I felt the author eased the readers into the plot very delicately and kept it intriguing.

I still don’t know how to describe the book. In spite of being filled with fantasy elements and mystical worlds, it is very much real and intertwined with the modern world. A great thought process is definitely visible in the story.

The book for one has a pretty unique and interesting storyline with a good technique in narration. It does not burden you with the plot and details. In fact, the author has made it quite an easy read with an intelligent treatment in my opinion. The book definitely makes for an interesting read.


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Genre: Visionary Fiction, Metaphysical Fiction, Urban Fantasy

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